Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

  • What type of fish do you find in Miami?

    In-between groupers , Snappers, Barracudas , Groupers, and different species of Jack’s , There are over 25 different species you can see here in Miami.
  • What fish will we catch, and what are their legal sizes?

    Before we begin pictures I will go over the legal sizes of the common fish, and I will demostrate pictures for reference.

  • What is the water like in Miami?

    The water temperature in the winter is a little over 24 C (75.2 F) , and during summer the temperature is just about 28 C (82 F). The visibility fluctuates between 65 Ft(12 & 25m)

  • How thick should my wetsuit be?

    Must be 3 mm during winter, and 1 mm during summer.

  • How long is the rifle that you use?

    Ranges from 100 to 130 Cm.

  • Are sharks common?

    Yes, there are sharks present during the winter although they are not aggressive towards the divers.

  • Do I need to have my own equipment?

    Yes, I could rent you equipment if needed and the price for the course includes the weights, and the belt.

  • Do I need a fishing license?

    Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have a Florida Salt Water License , you can get one from any country online.

  • Up to how many people can you take out at a time?

    I can take out up to 5 people at a time.

  • Will I be alone in the water?

    You could be, although I am willing to supervise, fish, and help you in the water if requested.

  • How long do these trips last?

    4 Hours.

  • Where will we go?

    We will go to over 20 ship wrecks up to 6 miles off the coast.

  • How deep will we dive?

    We could dive at which ever depth you are comfortable in.

  • Do I need to have any sort of experience before I go out to fish with you?

    Yes, you are supposed to have some sort of experience although if you are completely new, you can take a three day learning course with me.


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